Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.


Manage Billing

Located under the Admin button is the Manage Billing area. On the left it shows the website name, URL, and Cancel Group links. Under Billing, the trial length is listed for those trying out the website, and two areas to set up billing details and to redeem a coupon.

In the Manage Modules area the green checkmark indicates the modules currently being subscribed to. Modules not subscribed to show a grey checkmark. To add or remove a module click the Add or Remove buttons. As you see the amount billed will also change as different modules are added or removed.

7 days prior to the end of the trial period a banner will display across the top of the page advising the number of days remaining in the trial. At this point the billing details must be set up or the site will be cancelled.

Access the Billing area and select Set Up Billing Details

A form will open that will need to be completed and when saved the red banner will disappear. The credit card will be debited at the end of the trial period for the upcoming month. Information on the amount to be billed and the date that it will be debited will show.

Credit Card information

The credit card is debited monthly on the date indicated and PayPal sends an email to the cardholder advising them of the transaction amount. Credit card information is stored securely on PayPal’s server and can only be accessed by the credit card holder. Golf Group Manager has no access to these credit card numbers. The payment area is secure and encrypted.

Changing/Updating Credit Card Information

Cards can be easily updated and replaced with new cards. The name on the credit card is displayed along with the last few numbers of the credit card that was registered.

Coupon Redemption

If you have received a coupon it can be entered into the Redeem Coupon area. When selected a pop-up box will appear and the code can be entered. Coupon codes are case sensitive.

When a coupon is being utilized it will show the discounted amount and date of expiry in the Billing area.

[Updated Dec 13 2012]