Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.



To set up the parameters for your Group, go to Our Group/Manage Group Settings

Show Getting Started check box to have the pop-up displayed to those with Admin status. Uncheck here or directly on the pop-up when no longer needed

Group Name Change or update the name of your group that will appear in the heading

Contact Email is the address of the Administrator who will be the main contact person for your Group. They will receive emails generated from the Golf Group Manager website including notices of new member application. The Contact Administrator link is also located in the footer on each page

Time Zone Enter the time zone for your club. All event start and cut off times are linked to the time zone that is set here. This setting automatically adjusts to daylight savings and standard time.

Season Start Enter the start date of your Group’s season. This shouldnot be changed once it is entered as scoring data automatically clears andarchives the day prior. Event listings do not archive but remain on the site forfuture reference.

Pro Shop emailThe email address entered here automatically links to Pro Shop check box in theemail notification for each event listed in Manage Events. This is partof the Fast Draw module that enables attachments such as the Draw to be sent tothe Pro Shop. The email address entered here automatically links toPro Shop check box on the email notification in Manage Events.

Colour Scheme There are 5 choices of colour schemes to changethe look of your website. The photo displayed on the Home page canalso be changed by selecting the Edit Photo on the picture.

Score Privacy This is part of the Results Modulethat determines the view members will have in the Game Tracker.If checked, members will only be allowed to view their individual scoringrecord. If unchecked then they can view Everyone’s Game Tracker.Those with Admin privileges can view all Game Trackers as well as the Season GameTracker which summarizes the season as per each event

New Member Application Check the box to display the application form on the Public/Login Page

Application Description – This optional box provides an area at the top of the application form to write more about your group or the application process.

[Updated Apr 4/11]