Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.


Members must enter their user name (email address) and password to login to the private area of their website. The password was set up initially as 'golf '.

If a member forgets their password they can click ‘Forgot Your Password?’ and a page will open requesting the member enter their email address that is registered to the website. When ‘Email Password’ is clicked a temporary password will be emailed.

The member can then log into the website using the temporary password. All temporary passwords begin with 'temp'. If copying/pasting does not work, enter the password manually.

Once logged in, the temporary password should be changed to one more familiar to the member. Select Change Password in the dropdown box beside their photo and enter the current temporary password i.e. temp010248 and then choose a new password.

Note: all temporary passwords include the word ‘temp’ along with the numbers beside it.