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Golf Group Manager Media Kit

The Beginnings

SGM Websites Ltd recently launched Golf Group Manager (GGM) a web based program that caters to golf groups/leagues who want to put time saving technology to work for them. Highly intuitive and logical, it provides members and executives with easy-to-use features that organize and streamline administrative, communication and data management tasks.

The prototype to GGM evolved over a 4 year period in response to the frustration expressed by golf club members who wanted a better, smarter and faster way to organize and operate their golf league. While there were handicap and tournament websites available, the marketplace did not offer a comprehensive, multi-functional package that managed the tasks necessary to manage golf groups.

GGM has a solid foundation based on 15+ years of golf executive know-how and over 10 years of website programming expertise. The many features are modeled from processes used by highly organized, well structured, and responsible golf groups. First hand knowledge and understanding of those who would be using the website was vital to designing the time-saving functions to bring a clear, logical layout with great attention to detail.

What went into Developing Golf Group Manager

GGM was developed to exceed expectations and bring unsurpassed member value. Experience and knowledge of golf group organizations led to its creation and future development will be a collaboration of well thought out and tested processes. GGM embodies the following attributes:

Depth – It is a program that provides a better way to manage golf groups/leagues. It is a multifunctional tool aimed at saving time and maximizing convenience.

Intelligent – Years of thought, discussion, debate, testing, re-working and re-testing have been invested into developing a program that encompasses all facets, even the ones you haven’t thought of yet, for the best in golf group management practices.

Completeness – GGM is a total program that delivers end-to-end functions with an array of enhancements.

Empowering – GGM delivers the organizational tools, the flexibility to customise, forgiveness to edit/delete as needed, and a complete Help section with over 30 video tutorials that cover all website functions.

Elegant – GGM has a great interface to appeal to the varying comfort levels of users, customization choices that are adaptable to fit the uniqueness of each user group.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide web based solutions that empower the golfing community to automate and organize their administrative, communication and data management work. Our priority is to develop comprehensive programs that are affordable and easy to use for all club members.


Ahead of the Curve - the only website that knows how golf club leagues/groups operate and caters to these requirements

Comprehensive - GGM is a one-stop-shop with complete with end-to-end programs that take out the guess work

Flexible and Forgiving– GGM is customizable to fit your group’s uniqueness and gives users the option to make numerous edits, changes and do-overs

Intuitive Interface – intuitive icons and easy navigation that do not require any special knowledge.

Extensive Help/Support – All the answers when you need them are just a click away. Access the picture laden Handbook, Help guide with FAQ, and short video tutorials that cover every aspect of the website

Feature Summary

Basic Website

The Basic Website equips groups with the tools they need. The game sign up, member management, communication and news hub, member gallery, meeting minute and document access, and game winner feature, to name a few, will bring organization and convenience to a new level.

Fast Draw

The most popular multi-tasking module not only because it saves time but is fun to use. Fast Draw is an end-to-end process with built-in flexibility to move/add/delete players, change tee times, email draws to players and the Pro Shop, allow for shotgun or tee time starts, list or tee sheet sign ups, add guests, add notes, and so much more.

Photo Gallery

Save those good time memories with your golfing buddies for years. Quick multi-photo upload to organize photos in albums, add captions and all photos can be easily downloaded by members.

Results Module

Customizable to suit each group’s preferences, this module is set to easily record results and give member access to Game Tracker where individual and group participation, results, and season summaries can be viewed.

Ringer Board

This member interactive module to record the player’s best score on every hole. With built-in transparency all scores are available for peer review.

Overview Video

View our Golf Group Manager Overview Video

Company Logos

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Golf Group Manager Screen Captures


Press Release

July 18, 2011 - Golf Group Manager - Changing the Future of Golf League Management.     READ PRESS RELEASE >>

Golf Group Manager Founders

GGM began in 2007 with the development of its prototype Golf Groups. Since that time the website has been rebuilt with more features and functionality. GGM will continue to be dynamic and bring golfers the solution they have been looking for.

Linda Irwin

Co-Founder and Spokesperson
Business Development

Linda Irwin of Golf Group Manager

Linda's background in project management and business processes along with 15+ years of golf executive experience led to the development of GGM not only for her golf group’s use but for all those groups that know there had to be a better, smarter and faster way to handle the workload. Greater insight was also garnered from work with a National Not-for-Profit on their website to add functionality, content and workflow.

Linda also brings to the table, skills from leadership roles in local, nationals and international sporting events where she was valued for her outstanding ability to organize wide scope portfolios, provide incisive attention to detail and attract numerous volunteers to join in the fun. Her contribution to GGM centred on providing direction for the structural layout, detailed workflow, system testing, and Help section content including the handbooks and video tutorials.

Contact: Linda@golfgroupmanager.com

Willy Grieve

Website Operations

Willy Grieve of Golf Group Manager

Willy Grieve, owner of Cityline Websites, worked with a local golf club in 2006 to determine a more efficient way to handle operations of the group. This included keeping track of games, storing files, and signing up for events online. Over the next several years, the requirements and clientele grew into an extensive site that could essentially create a paperless system.

Linda Irwin, at that time captain of her golf group, was approached about creating the next generation of the golf software. This version could be accessed by any group world-wide, with a self-help / self-guided setup. Linda could provide her marketing background and expertise in order to create a great product. This new version was called Golf Group Manager.

Willy contributes the technical expertise for Golf Group Manager including programming, search engine optimization, design, and online and social media marketing.

Contact: Willy@golfgroupmanager.com

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