Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.


To add a file: Admin/Manage Files/Add File

Complete the form that opens.

1. Include under a Page – select the Page where the file will appear or choose None
2. Title - name the file as you want it to appear
3. Browse – find the file on your computer to upload
4. Display - choose where you want it displayed

  • On the Login/Public Page that is also the login page to your website
  • In the side column of the Member’s page
  • In the drop down under Our Group
  • Or display in all three areas
5. Save and wait for the green confirmation cue

It is recommended that files be in a PDF format to avoid compatibility issues between user's computers

[Updated Mar 1 2011]